Interests Explorer

The importance of knowing your audience is vital. But today, knowing which interest groups they are belonged to is also equally important. Narrowing down audience to interest segments and tailoring custom advertisements for them can help make huge difference in campaigns.

Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.

by Howard Luck Gossage

Searching for interest groups is a critical task. Constantly searching: What interest groups does your target audience belong to? What is the size of each interest group? Researching... Taking notes... Thinking about keywords... More Searching...

At this point, Interests Explorer comes for your help. Search related interest groups and find your potential audience with just a few clicks. Generate your audience lists, 'copy to clipboard' or 'export as CSV' with ease, and use them in your advertisements or Facebook Audience Insights.

How it works?

Simply type any interest in search area and get a list of related interest groups with its audience size. You can search as many scopes as you like and use the results in Facebook Audience Insights.

Use the icon to search for that interest and discover limitless opportunities.

Select the ones that you like, and copy to clipboard or export as CSV.

Lastly, by utilising Deep Analyze panel, you can get a deeper insights of related interest groups.

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