Audience Analysis

Imagine using search queries such as "Pages liked by people who likes Dogs and lives in New York", or "Groups joined by people who belongs to Dog Lovers and likes Fishing".

Whoever understands the customer best, wins.

by Mike Gospe

Setting up complex search complex queries help a lot while analyzing a target audience.

Audience Analysis makes it possible for you. Create complex queries from drop-down list and use groups, pages and locations that you wish.

How it works?

First you need to select your main search scope from the list such as: Pages liked by, Groups joined by, Apps used by people etc.

From the second list, select if you want to search for members of a group or a page or a city.
And lastly, select group, page or city.

If you want, you can go two ways with the search, using the AND button.

Accuracy is highly important for this analysis, so all pages, groups and cities should be added to the Audience Analysis lists explicitly. To ease this task, we developed a system for adding pages, groups and cities, directly from Facebook Search.

In the results, for each page, you will see the icon .

Click on to add the page in the list.

Then you will have the added item in the list.

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