Affinity Analysis

If you have been using Facebook Audience Insights for a long time, you surely remember good old Affinity Scores. Then, it got depreciated. There is no doubt that it was a brilliant data.

That's why we have built Affinity Analysis. It directly gets embedded inside Facebook Audience Insights
and gives 2 scores: Interested Percentage and Liked Percentage.

Interested Percentage Score: Percentage of the page fans that are also part of the given audience.
Liked Percentage Score: Percentage of the target audience that also like this page.

The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight.

by Carly Fiorina

How it works?

After you have SmartAds installed in your Google Chrome, when you visit Audience Insights - Interests page,
you will notice Analyze button on the top right corner.

Select target interest group and click to Analyze button, you will see Affinity Analysis panel.

Interested Percentage and Liked Percentage scores are ready to guide you on finding your potential target audience. When you find a good audience, use to export list as CSV.

Click and hit [Enter] to add page to search.

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